AI Makes HR Growth Contributors

HR has traditionally been treated as a second cousin when it comes to technology. HR automation projects are very often put on a lower priority and given below par budgets. The reason is that the HR automation is considered more of an expenditure and taken out of a very limited budget allocated for employee engagement. Even the HR is unable to explain the ROI of HR automation convincingly to their CEO. HR is very often seen shopping for the least expensive solution that meets their needs and end up finalising solutions more on the budgets then on the merits.

It is neither the fault of the HR nor of the top management as the major benefits of HR automation has been to automate the workflows which may save costs. When the focus of automation is primarily to save costs, the quality often takes a back seat and companies end up going for the lowest bid option. You cannot blame them as the solutions look pretty much the same on the paper. It is when the implementation is completed that the HR department realizes that by saving a few extra pennies they have taken a system that is causing more trouble than solving. Start-up products are cheaper but come with a long stabilizing phase. So what is the solution?

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Solution to the problem is to find a system that adds value and contributes to the growth of the organisation. Solution is in a system like Mentis that using its disruptive new technology helps HR become a value add and not a cost center to the company any more. Role of HR is changed from finding ways to reduce cost and control attrition but to help management with ideas on how to improve the productivity. Using the features like Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Mentis offers HR the edge that they were craving for all their life. Now the HR can proudly stand in front of the CEO and demand an investment in the HR automation as it is not a cost to make their lives easier but it is an investment that will help companies push their top lines up.

Predictive intelligence of Mentis can be used to correlate events in the employee life cycle to the productivity loss or find a way to correlate how to push the productivity up. A simple use case: Using Mentis a company realized that number of breaks taken by the employees was significantly high causing the loss of productivity. Upon further analysis it was found that employees were taking break for coffee & snacks. By putting a snack bar within the company premises, the breaks were reduced by 70% and the output increase by 10%. The cost of the snack bar was paid up within 4 weeks and the cost of solution was paid by this step alone within a quarter.

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AI can be used in several ways including predicting, identify & controlling unwanted exit, candidate back out, dip in performance, unexpected loss of productivity, unplanned manpower shortage, star performers, projected liability, correlation between performance & pay, candidate profiling, employee profiling, punctuality index, potential leadership traits, risky managers & many more.

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