Bye Bye Biometric Systems

Biometric based attendance has long been the go to solution for the companies. They have been the most reliable source of input as it cannot be tampered with and eliminates the chances of proxy attendance. Enforcing attendance has been one of the top concerns for the employers. Employers have implemented several procedural and technical solutions to ensure that the employee attendance is accurate. With attendance being the input for the salary the accuracy of attendance is directly related to the accuracy of the payroll cost.

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Employees on the other hand have found ways to subvert the system and have been playing the cat & mouse game with the companies. Especially companies where the manpower is distributed across multiple branches and even more so in case of field workforce this problem is far from solved by the biometric. The key reasons why biometric systems have failed include:

Expensive: Implementing biometric attendance across number of branches with low manpower count is not practical due to heavy CapEx.

Can Easily be Tampered: Employees have found ways to tamper the biometric machines by putting oil, abrasives or other ways to damage the devices. This not only fails the system but also puts a heavy cost on replacing those devices. Some companies end up putting cameras to deter employees from damaging the devices adding further to the cost of solution

Not practical in many cases: Workers in the hotel industry, manufacturing industries or some having light finger prints find it difficult to register their impressions. In such cases either these employees have to be given alternative systems or companies end up buying even higher end devices thereby increasing the cost

Regularization: In the event a company transport is delayed, or machine is not working or employee forgets to input the attendance the companies allow process of regularization. This process is another loophole that the employees use to circumvent the late coming penalties.

Infrastructure: There are instances where due to lack of reliable connectivity or power backup the inputs are not captured thereby increasing the dependence on manual attendance.

Effective: Even after all the cost and handling the challenges, the biometric systems are only able to solve one part of the problem which the in and out impression. It doesn’t and cannot handle whether the employee went back home after marking attendance and then came late to work or came inside the factory but never reported to the line. Field workforce, branch, outlets & factories the major challenge is to see if the manpower actually reported to their workplace or not. For instance a nurse walks into a hospital registers attendance on biometric device but never reported to the nurse station there is no way for hospitals to rely on the inputs of only biometric device to give salary.

So what is the solution? After spending so much money and going through all this hassle the input is still not reliable and the real problem has not been addressed. The solution lies in theĀ latest IOT based field workforce solution.

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The IOT based field workforce solution not only captures the attendance of the employees, it also gives you an entire heat map of the employee location throughout the day. You can find out when the employee reaches a particular location and how much time the employee has spent on that particular location.

This solution is perfect for field workforce where the employers can accurately track where the employees have been throughout the day. The solution also works perfectly for the outlets where the employers can accurately see how much time the employee has actually spent inside the outlet or in case of a manufacturing unit how much time the worker was actually on the shop floor.

To know more contact us and we will showcase how you can revolutionize the attendance capturing and move away from the expensive and less reliable bio-metric attendance solution. Instead of focusing on just attendance these new IOT/Mobile based solutions can help you get full visibility of the workforce.

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