Still Without HRIS? You are likely to miss the AI Train

Implementing Artificial Intelligence in the HR tech is an area where we have gained strong expertise. During our initial discussions we study the quality and quantity of transactions to understand how well and how quickly can AI be implemented in HR. A company that has no HR system will not be able to give useful transactions for the machine learning. All AI systems work efficiently if they are fed ample transactions. Any decent HRIS (not just a payroll solution) implemented for over 2-3 years will be a start for feeding any useful data for machine learning. Make sure you opt for a single tenant cloud based system or an on-premise system rather than a multi-tenant cloud system.

You can always run your AI with less data but the accuracy of the results and the real benefits start only when you feed these systems ample data. In coming years, AI will become almost mandatory to stay ahead of the competition and companies that have been sliding by without any HR systems will find themselves lagging behind. By the time the HR systems are fully implemented and ample amount of transactions are captured the competition will have a fully trained AI system that will grow exponentially making it impossible for the newbies to catch up.

Using Artificial Intelligence to help in decision making and in running various simulations to predict threats & opportunities will very soon become a norm. Within next 2-3 years all leading companies in their respective space will either have implemented or would be in process to implement the machine learning in their companies. The main problem will be faced by those companies who would find themselves without any HR system and would like to catch up only to find that they lack the feed to grow their systems.

Don’t miss out on this Golden Opportunity

It is the right time to catch the last Train to the AI Platform and adopt a good HR system that is capable of capturing the transactions that would provide quality data input to these AI systems.

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